Friday, November 28, 2008

Exercise Lucky #7 : Tis the Season

So I am playing around with some wiki's per Exercise #7. I have played on Wikipedia, as we all have, but became intrigued by Kym's suggestion to look at I ALWAYS want to know how to do random stuff. I usually ask my co-workers, and they are quite handy. I google and all, but I found this site interesting because of the searching capabilities.

I started out by checking out the categories. "Food & Entertaining" is on my mind, having just hosted my first full-on Thanksgiving in my home, so I click on this. "Holiday Cooking" is the next subcategory and that's right up my alley so I click that on that too. Thanksgiving? Christmas? Sure! "How do you carve a turkey?" Yeah! I need to know that! (Actually, I needed to know that YESTERDAY...) "How do you make traditional eggnog?" Heck, I'll give that a try too. How do you brine a turkey? Add so on and so on. This was fun because not only could I use the search window to search for Eggnog specifically, but I could try searching the categories for some other related suggestions as well. I didn't bother with the "How to cook with cranberries" suggestion. I prefer the good old fashioned slice it while it still looks like a can cranberry log method. So I kept searching through these great holiday "how to's" when I came across how to celebrate non-traditional holidays. Thinking of my Jewish in-laws and their Hanukkah traditions, I came across the following link:

...Which sorta shows you just how silly wiki's can sometimes be. They even post made-up holidays that don't actually exist in the real world, however entertaining the prospect may be.

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