Friday, October 24, 2008

Attack of the Pod people (Exercise #6)

I completed Exercise #6. I took a look at the Nancy Pearl podcast through NPR. They have interesting stuff on NPR. And I do so enjoy Nancy Pearl. Several of my coworkers are still shocked and appalled that I don't listen to any of the NPR shows on a daily basis, but lets be honest. I have a short commute to work and I am tired int he morning so I need loud music to get me going. And if we are talking a long ride to and from school, I am not going to be listening to NPR. I am going to again be blasting music to keep me away at 10:00pm drivng 50 minutes home, or I am going to be listening to something from the Twilight series on Audio. Either way, I don't see the podcasts as useful to me personally, but it a great option to bring up wtih patrons if they perhaps wanted to hear a certain book review or political commentator that they had missed and need us to track it down for them.

Speaking of the Twilight series on audio...I did download Twilight to my PC through the emedia collection. It is frustrating as an Ipod user to see that there are not many MP3's available of recent titles. You have your choice of classics, but the newer stuff is a little tougher to come by. Still, emedia is very cool and I intend to download more MP3's for the idpo as they become available.

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