Friday, May 23, 2008

Adventures in blogging...

Something funny I thought was worth mentioning...My first ever post on this blog was about the book I was currently reading for our Talk it Up Book Club here at work. I was reading "The Ha-Ha" and although it isn't too lurid, I mentioned the word "dirty" a couple of times, ind describing my feelings towards the book's content. I immediately got tagged as a suspected "spamblog" and got an email freezing my blog until they could review my account. "How strange?" I thought. I had only just started our exercises! Upon talking with Kym however, she thinks it may have been my use of the word "dirty" that got me tagged as a possible spammer! So apparently, the free speech to review any topic or book may prove fatal for bloggers! (Well, temporarily fatal, as I am now back up and running with no problem.)

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